A Tattoo At Your Age

So I come from a conservative (with a small "c"), Christian family. We are working class stock done good. Home ownership and a strong work ethic has been ingrained in us from an early age. But here I was in my early fifties going to the tattoo parlour to get my first one. In my defence I have to say that after this one I have no inclination to add to it. One and only one.

Surely tattoos are the badge of honour for the work shy irresponsible people of my generation. By displaying the tattoo I am saying that I belong to the chav class of society. If you had asked me these things ten years ago then I would agree but ten years was a lifetime ago for me. Things have happened and as I have said in my bio I am now on chapter two of my life.

A tattoo for me now is life affirming. I have lost my faith and nearly lost seeing my two children grow up. These things profoundly affect the way you think of the future. No more eternal life but just one life so live it. No more putting off ti…

Why Is Everyone Scared of Taking a Risk

Yes of course I am a guy and so this article is really aimed at a female audience. This is not to say that a lot of men can associate themselves with the points being made here.

Taking a risk demonstrates how human we really are. Robots and computers don't take risks. They are just programmed to execute software or carry out a task. All this talk these days of Artificial Intelligence is just phooey. There is no intelligence for AI machines they are programmed to process a sequence of "if" statements until they find a match. Therefore if the programmer screws up then mistakes happen within the computer system. Plain and simple.

Humans on the other hand NEED to make mistakes and one way mistakes are made is due to increased risk taking. Deep down we are not machines but living creatures where the chemicals in our blood stream can cause us to act and thinking differently to the next person.

So when it comes to dating take that gamble. It is the only way to find TRUE love. L…

So What Is Different Now

When I was just a mere boy in my middle teens it was "JAB" that stole my heart. She was the most beautiful creature that I ever lay eyes. I did not look at any other female (including those found on page 3" in the same way as I looked at JAB. Eyes, lips, long brown hair and those netball thighs was all that occupied my waking thoughts and nightly dreams.

So who was "JAB"? A girl that lived on my road, went to my school but cruel fate had made sure that our school timetable created a situation where we never shared the same classroom. Thus it was left to those times for school sports where I saw most of her and what a vision of loveliness.

So what happened next! Well the simple answer was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I kept this infatuation a secret from all except my closest friend. I certainly didn't approach JAB and tell her how I felt. I certainly would have died of embarrassment if I did.

So now in Chapter Two of my life I am the total opposite. I will approach…

Say It With Flowers Or Not As The Case May Be

So there I was discussing with the florist the colours and type of arrangement I wanted to send to a female I had recently met on more than one occasion. The flowers were going to be a total surprise but I had already prepared a thoughtful witty note written on good quality paper and placed it in those small cute but functional white envelopes. Now it is important to note at this point that the special lady in question is over 40 an office manager and so quiet senior in her role. Therefore no shrinking violet and definitely confident when it comes to the art of conversation. This was probably the main reason why I felt such an attraction to her.

I was hoping that the flowers and note would be a catalyst for a lunch date soon. My strategy was simple. Ask any woman and she'll tell you flat out that feeling special and making other females jealous is the main reason that they love getting flowers at work. The smart man will then make a point of showing up suited and booted at the wom…

Toyboys Are Just For Christmas, Not For Life.

"A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas" Back in 1978 the Dogs Trust or the National Canine Defence League as it was known then came up with the iconic slogan.

"Toyboys are just for Christmas, not for Life". Well I would like to re-word that famous slogan. The media today is awash with successful women dating younger men. The main angle for promoting these stories is to show how empowering it has been for the female to be able to catch a much younger male who obviously has the looks to compliment her success.

At this point I have to say toyboys are not new. they have probably been around for hundreds of years but it is only in the last decade or so with the barrage from mainstream media that the notion that a toyboy is a must for every successful female has come to the fore-front.

"Whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander" So I hear you retort loud and clear and I will be the first one to accept that idiom. What I do not accept is the not…